Note: for TC's see the Tropical Cyclone page and for Tsunami see the Natural Hazards page.

South Pacific Commentary

Bob Blog Weathergram - Bob McDavitt's ideas for sailing around the South Pacific (and text only viersion)



Surface Observations

Ocean surface wind mosaics for NZ and Oceanic areas here at Weather Geek - data sourced via NOAA (see below)
Winds via EUMETSAT: multi-platform product viewer


New Zealand MetService - homepage
» Coastal Marine Warnings (with link to high seas warnings)
» Marine homepage - start here for all marine forecasts - recreational, boating, surf...

Fiji Meteorological Service - homepage - see left menu for products, including;
» South West Pacific Marine for the "Islands" Marine Weather Bulletin

Australia Bureau of Meteorology - homepage
» Ocean Warnings Summary (Metarea X)
» National Warnings Summary - for other matine (and land) warnings
» High Seas Forecasts - map or list to select area

High Seas forecasts and warnings also available via OMM-JCOMM-GMDSS website for Metarea XIV (NZ/Fiji) and Metarea X (Aus)


Waves and Swell


Bay of Islands wave buoy - from Northland Regional Council
Northport Weather - wave buoys as well as port conditions
Port of Tauranga - incl wave height, wind direcstion, tide and current information
Environment BoP - wave buoy
Port Taranaki - swell, wave, tide and wind data
Baring Head wave buoy
Taputeranga Marine Reserve wave buoy

Tasman Bay - wind and air temp
Lyttelton Port Wave Buoy - located approx 7km NE of Adderley Head
Environment Canterbury - Directional Wave Recorder Buoy

NIWA sea levels and storm surge

Fiji Wave Buoy - southwest side of Viti Levu

Southern Ocean wave buoy - via MetOcean Solutions

Australia/NZ marine obs map - Oceanweather Inc.


NIWA Canterbury Wave Conditions

MetService marine forecast maps - 3 hourly maps of wave height and period, also SST
SwellMap - swell forecast charts from MetOcean Solutions Ltd.
Swellnet - nice visualisation of swell/wind/pressure - all-in-one page
Marineweather - with animated swell charts and graphs - NZ Virtual Buoy Map
FNMOC Wave Watch 3 - Global wave model (via "WW3" links)
» or straight to South Pacific maps of swell wave height and direction



Land Information NZ - Tide Tables for standard and secondary ports
» see also standard port tide levels for spring/neap/astronomical tide levels
MetService - Tide Tables for selected locations (using LINZ data)
NIWA Tide Forecaster - with interactive map
NIWA Storm-tide red-alert days - calendar showing the highest tides of the year


Sea surface temperatures

FishTrack - SST for North NZ and South NZ

JAXA Himawari Monitor - interactive map - select SST from product menu

SST and anomaly maps - NOAA OSPO
NOAA OISST - daily map and anomaly
SST - many plots (incl totals and anomalies) via NOAA ESRL PSD
SST and anomaly plots from
SST and anomaly maps - static images via WeatherBELL (generally 2-day averaged maps)
Daily optimally interpolated SST - static image with history, from Remote Sensing Systems
Australian Bureau of Meteorology - monthly mean and anomaly (last month)
NOAA View Global Data Explorer - good for anomalies (incl hostoric)


Ice and Polar Data

US National Ice Center - for ice edge and iceberg info
» including Antarctic charts  and data files (incl KMZ and TXT/ASCII)  
Ice Logistics Portal - Southern Hemisphere
Polar View - with interactive map and several layers for the Antarctic sea ice
NSIDC Sea Ice Index - with images and graphs for both Arctic and Antarctic, along with Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis
» SH: Antarctic daily extent and concentration maps, also extent graph
» NH: Arctic daily extent and concentration maps, also extent graph
ADS VISHOP - interactive sea ice extent graphs
Compilation of many daily graphs and links - mostly Arctic

Antarctic real-time meteorological data - University of Wisconsin-Madison AWS and AMRC
» including AWS/Ship observations, satellite imagery and NWP data


Ship Info - track ships in real-time
APRS Ship Tracking - another site for real-time ship tracking