Seasonal Forecasts and Climate Change

Historical Data and Indicators

NIWA - National Climate Centre - with daily climate maps, also monthly, seasonal and annual Climate Summaries
NIWA NZ Drought Monitor - map and graphs
NIWA - Climate Data (Education & Training) - incl. extremes and selected location summaries (to Dec 2016)
NIWA CliFlo - The National Climate Database
NIWA HIRDS - High Intensity Rainfall Design System - includes rainfall return periods
NIWA - Environmental Information Browser - beta portal to NIWA's data holdings/metadata

NOAA State of the Climate - incl links to global info (eg lastest Global analysis)
NOAA ESRL Climate Indices: Monthly Atmospheric and Ocean Time Series
NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis - incl global anomaly charts

NOAA NCDC Integrated Map for Climate Data - from the US National Climate Data Center

MEI - Multivariate ENSO Index - via NOAA ESRL PSD, with data table since 1950
ENSO - BoM Outlook and Wrap-Up

SOI - Southern Oscillation Index - graph and archive of tabular data via BoM
SOI - Southern Oscillation Index - data table since 1950 via NOAA ESRL PSD
SOI weekly plot (also monthly) - via Farmonline Weather

NINO 3.4 - east/central tropical Pacific SST - data table since 1950 via NOAA ESRL PSD
NINO 3.4 weekly plot (also monthly) - via Farmonline Weather

OLR - Outgoing Longwave Radiation - many plots (incl totals and anomalies) via NOAA ESRL PSD
SST - many plots (incl totals and anomalies) via NOAA ESRL PSD

Seasonal and Climate Forecasts

NIWA - current NZ Climate Update and Sesonal Climate Outlook for the next three months

MetService - Rural Monthly Outlook seasonal outlook for the coming month

BoM - Climate Model Summary with global climate model forecasts (incl POAMA outlook)

Climate Info, Publications and Commentary

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - with links to Working Groups and previous reports

AMS Journals Online - American Meteorological Society

Nature - International weekly journal of science

NOAA - US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
» Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

British Antarctic Survey - a component of the Natural Environment Research Council

News and Blogs

RealClimate - "Climate science by climate scientists" - an excellent commentary site
» with a useful "start here" page with lots of links to get you up to speed on climate change

Hot Topic - Global warming and the future of New Zealand

Skeptical Science - Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism

DeSmogBlog - Clearing the PR Pollution the Clouds Climate Science