Ozone and Space

Note: for upper air soundings and winds see the Aviation page.


NIWA NZ UV and Ozone maps - for yesterday and today

NASA - Space-based measurements of Ozone and Air Quality - from multiple sources
Ozone Hole Watch - daily images, data and information (NASA)
Environment Canada World Ozone Monitoring and Mapping - with S.H. maps
CAMS Ozone forecast

Wizard of Id


Space Weather

BoM / Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre
NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center
» incl. Aurora forecast
UKMO Space Weather forecast

SpaceWeather.com - great place to start for info on the sun-earth environment




Moon view from Earth

Royal Astronomical Society of NZ - moon phases and rise/set times

Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator - also with New and Full Moon times - from Fourmilab Switzerland

NASA Eclipse Website (old website here)



Wikipedia for: Equinox and Solstice dates and times

Sunrise/sunset via Google search: "sunrise in Wellington" or "sunset in Wellington"
Sun and Moon rise/set times also via timeanddate.com, eg Wellington

Land Information NZ - Astronomical info incl. sun/moon rise/set tables, moon phases and eclipses
Royal Astronomical Society of NZ - sun rise and set times (4 main centres)

World sunlight map and Earth view from Sun

NOAA Solar Calculator
SolarView from NIWA - create a sun angle view map for any location (estimate available solar energy)

The Sun Now - SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) - various wavelength images of the sun
Helioviewer.org/ - interactive solar and heliospheric image visualization tool


Solar System and Stars

Stellarium Web Online Star Map - nice interactive sky map
Your Sky - "the interactive planetarium of the Web", with real-time sky maps and horizon views, eg:
» Wellington: sky map or horizon view (looking east)

Solar System Live - portal to interactive tools to view real-time astronomical maps, including:
» entire solar system or just the inner planets
Solar System Simulator - NASA/JPL/Caltech


Sky and Telescope - observing highlights




Real Time Satellite Tracking via:
» with a full list of satellites by category including weather satellites and the ISS
SatFlare.com, eg ISS

3D-viewers for satellites in orbit:
ESRI based Satellite Map
Starlink Satellite Map

See a satellite tonight - find overpasses for your location

LeoLabs Low Earth Orbit Visualisation - NOT real time

NASA Spacecraft Query