NZ 10-Day Forecast Charts -

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Rain colour scale
6hr total precip in mm


  • Availability generally reliable but not guaranteed!
  • All times in UTC - always check validity timestamp!
  • Runtime displayed above images near top of page
  • Validity time displayed in image caption
  • Validity time is accurate, but H+xx prog offset is assumed based on existence/number of images
  • Maps show MSLP (2hPa contour), previous 6 hour rain total (see key) and 10m wind barbs
  • First image at H+0 never contains rain (no previous period to sum over)
  • H+6 also missing rain (since GFS upgrade in Jun 2019), H+12 shows 12 hour accumulation!
  • Maps are 6 hourly out to 10 days (H+240)
  • Updates 4x/day soon after 05/11/17/23 UTC (ie 5/11 am/pm NZST or 6/12 am/pm NZDT)

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