Numerical Model Forecasts

Note: for swell/wave forecasts, see the Marine page.

Short/Medium Range Forecasts

Via MetService

NZ 3-day rain+wind forecast - one of MetService's hi-res mesoscale models with 3 hourly maps
NZ/Tas 5-day pressure+rain+wind forecast - based on global model data with 6 hourly maps


GFS data here at Weather Geek:

New Zealand weather maps

with current & previous 3 runs

NZ weather map tiles

next 10 days on a single page

NZ rain accumulation

incrementing 10-day rain total

GFS data elsewhere:

MetVUW - GFS charts for NZ and larger areas out to 10 days
» or straight to NZ 7-day thumbnails of MSLP+wind+rain - global GFS wind animation (similar to above, and lots of other fields)
Earth Wind Map - via - global animated visualisation of GFS forecast winds
Ventusky - another global animation site

BSCH "Raincast" - NZ GFS rainfall accumulation maps (via Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage) - interactive, select time range on left
BSCH "Stormcast" - NZ GFS soundings (via Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage) - select the time on the left, then click the map - animated maps of rain, freezing level and snow, also with static maps, out to 6 days

NCEP Model Analyses and Guidance - GFS charts for the South Pacific (various parameters)
IPS MeteoStar - AUS/NZ products - select a product from here to open the viewer with animation controls
Alicia Bentley's real-time GFS maps - incl various Aus/NZ charts, eg; MSLP/rain, CAPE, Jets
ARL (NOAA) Forecast Model Graphics - put "NZWN" for ICAO to start... (GFS model)
» including interactive maps, meteograms and soundings
Uni of Wyoming- GFS maps for several areas incl NZ and "South Pacific" to H+180

DrJack RASP BLIPMAPs - 3.3km GFSA-initiated WRF-ARW model (4 projections covering NZ)
» Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction Boundary Layer Information Prediction maps


Weather Geek MSLP charts: NZ/Aus, 24hr interval to H+240 - via image player or static all-in-one page
» also embedded interactive map based on ECMWF data - via

ECMWF - MRF Deterministic Forecasts of mslp+wind850 and H500/T850 for H+0 to H+240 - global ECMWF wind animation (and lots of other fields)


BoM Interactive viewer for Weather and Wave products - ACCESS-G/R and AUSWAVE-G/R products
» see also: BoM NWP Products page for a smaller subset of static images
» and about maps for model info


NIWA's model via NiwaWeather pages

NAVGEM - US Navy Global Environmental Model

FNMOC WXMAP - Global NWP maps (NAVGEM via "NVG" links)
» or straight to the Australia/NZ area


WeatherOnline Expert Charts for NZ - links to GFS data, other models available
Tropical Tidbits - incl GFS, CMC, NAVGEM, HWRF... - Southern Hemisphere four panel comparison for CMC-GDPS, NCEP-GFS, ECMWF, UKMET

Dark Sky - maps and spot forecasts based on statistical aggregate of several data sources

Antarctica Specific

UCAR Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System - AMPS WRF
University of Wisconsin-Madison's Antarctic Meteorological Research Center - data and imagery - links to GFS/ECMWF products
Ohio State University Polar Meteorology Group - Polar WRF model data


Ensemble Forecasts

NCEP - Ensemble forecasts from ESRL PSD (go for "Southern Hemisphere Plots")
» straight to the Ensemble means for MSLP/THK + H500
NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) Homepage (old NCEP ensemble products page)
» straight to the Global Prob of Precip maps (PQPF)

FNMOC WXMAP - head for the "Ensemble Models" tab for several domains incl. South Pacific area
» or straight to: NAVGEM or NCEP_GFS or CMC or Multi-Model - many products incl. MSLP, precip, winds, temps, GH...

ECMWF - Seasonal Forecast Charts


Archived Model Data

NOAA NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Project - try "6-hourly and daily data", then surface...
JRA Project - Japanese reanalysis



WMO Lead Centre for Deterministic Forecast Verification - ECMWF
Lead Centre on Verification of Ensemble Prediction System - JMA