Satellite, Radar and Lightning

Recent satellite imagery and lightning strikes (courtesy NOAA and Blitzortung);

NZ satellite

Lightning strikes


New Zealand - 1 hourly greyscale Vis/IR or colourised IR for NZ (updates 25min past hour)
NOAA RAMMB - Himawari-8 imagery for NZ (and other areas)
JMA/MSC - HIMAWARI - 10 minute multi-channel incl Vis, IR, WV imagery for NZ
Weatherzone - last 3 hours IR for NZ (with lightning)
BoM - fullscreen Himawari-8 satellite viewer
BoM - 1 hourly IR or Vis for E-Australia + partial NZ (static view/images)
NOAA/CIMSS Volcanic Cloud Monitoring (North Island, multi-satellite animation)
MetService - hourly NZ/Tas IR and NZ Vis also Tropics in colour-dvorak (via TC page)




NOAA RAMMB full disk imagery and other areas
NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server - full disk images
» also with Southern Hemisphere Tropical Sectors
JMA/MSC Full Disk Image at 10-minute temporal resolution
» see also imagery for South Pacific Islands (heavy rainfall potential, incl multiple channels)
» and for other areas see; full list of areas
JMA satellite imagery - full disk and quadrants, Vis, IR and WV, with animation
JAXA Himawari Monitor - interactive map
Himawari-8 Real-time Web - zoomable full disk image, with timeline and archive

[JMA/MSC Himawari-8 Operational Information]


NOAA GOES Image Server, with full disk images


DSCOVR:EPIC - full disk global imagery from NOAA's Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC)

More Imagery

SSEC Geostationary Image Browser
RealEarth - via SSEC - real-time data map-based visualization with multiple sources of satellite imagery
» see also their main images/data index, incl Composite Images
NOAA Aviaion Weather Center - global imagery, B&W/Color, static or loops
» including SE-Asia/Aus/NZ large static IR composite (Area F)
NRL Monterey Image Homepage - incl global Imagery and cloud winds


Hi-Res Imagery

NASA Worldview with NZ snapshot (worldview replaces the MODIS rapid response system)
» see also and Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS)
NASA Earth Observatory, with image of the day
Zoom Earth
NOAA Satellite and Information Service - with real-time and imagery of interest
NIWA MODIS image for NZ



MetService NZ composite radar image - "real-time", updates every 7.5 minutes, links to individual radars with 300km or 120km hi-res images



Weatherzone - last 3 hours IR+lightning - live lightning maps for NZ, with real-time interactive map
» also via for NZ, with real-time interactive map
World Wide Lightning Location (WWLL) Network, and here for new website - IR+lightning composites
» with Aus/NZ/Pac animation