Tropical Cyclone

Recent South Pacific satellite image courtesy NOAA;

Tropics satellite

Note: for sea surface temperatures (SST) see the Marine page

South Pacific & Australia RSMC/TCWC Official Warnings and Forecasts

RSMC Nadi - Fiji Meteorological Service - homepage - see left menu for products, including;
» South West Pacific Marine for the "Islands" Marine Weather Bulletin

TCWC Perth/Darwin/Brisbane - Australia Bureau of Meteorology - homepage
» Current Tropical Cyclones - with links to 3-day outlooks
» see also Weekly Tropical Climate Note (issued Tuesday afternoon)
» Ocean Warnings Summary (Metarea X)
» High Seas Forecasts - map or list to select area
» National Warnings Summary - including Land, Coastal and Ocean warnings

TCWC Wellington - New Zealand MetService - homepage
» Current Tropical Cyclone Activity info (incl TC Potential bulletin, streamline analysis and satellite imagery)
» NZ MetService Marine Warnings (coastal and oceanic areas)
» High Seas Forecasts - Subtropic, Forties, Pacific and Southern

High Seas forecasts and warnings also available via OMM-JCOMM-GMDSS website Metarea XIV (NZ/Fiji) and Metarea X (Aus)


RSMC La Réunion - Southwest Indian Ocean
RSMC New Delhi - Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal
RSMC Tokyo - Western North Pacific and South China Sea
» TC info also via CMA - China, HKO - Hong Kong, CWB - Taiwan, KMA - Korea and PAGASA - Philippines
RSMC Honolulu - Central Pacific Hurricane Center (via NHC)
RSMC Maimi - National Hurricane Center (NHC) - Eastern North Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and North Atlantic
» or direct to Eastern North Pacific or Atlantic

GTS Text Bulletins

Grouped by issuing centre via Tokyo Global Information System Centre
» Nadi = NFFN, Brisbane = ABRF, Darwin = ADRM, Perth = APRF, Wellington/Kelburn = NZKL
Grouped by header code via NOAA



Joint Typhoon Warning Centre - with forecast tracks (Pacific/Indian Oceans)

HWRF forecast guidance for current active storms - via NOAA

Tropical Tidbits - info on current systems, with tracks, JTWC and ensemble maps
Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project - via NCAR RAL (incl multi-model tracks)
Tropical Cyclone Tracks from Experimental Forecast & Ensemble Models - NOAA ESRL
TCeps - forecast tracks from global EPS (incl NCEP, UKMO, CMC, EC)
UK Met Office forecast track bulletins - S.Pacific & SE.Indian, also via NOAA
Cyclone Phase Evolution - analysis and forecasts from several global models

Cyclocane tracking map
Global Tropical Cyclone Tracks - RSMAS
TSR Storm Tracker - Tropical Storm Risk
TC track and intensity forecasts and guidance - for active TC's, from MIT
NCEP Tropical and Extratropical Cyclone Tracks and Verification - NOAA Environmental Modelling Center - lots of info for systems in W-Pac, incl multi-agency TC forecast plots

WMO Severe Weather Information Centre - links to official obs+warnings



Streamline analyses - from NWS/NOAA - or straight to latest Pacific analysis (to 30S)
BoM Weather maps - including gradient wind analysis

NRL Tropical Cyclone Page - microwave and satellite imagery, also with;
» Satellite derived cloud-track winds
» ATCF page with info on current global TC activity
» COAMPS-TC - tropical cyclone prediction and verification (tracks and model forecasts)

NESDIS/NOAA Tropical Cyclone Products
» Satellite imagery - storm floaters
» Tropical Bulletins - fixes, see also the storm position page, and storm microwave position page
» ADT - Advanced Dvorak Technique - for active storms

CIMSS - Uni of Wisconsin - TC info and imagery
» including Advanced Dvorak Technique (ADT) for current systems and SATCON intensity estimates

NOAA Real-Time TC Products - with satellite imagery and analysis data incl digital dvorak - with lots of satellite imagery - tropical weather

Ocean surface wind mosaics for NZ and Oceanic areas here at Weather Geek - data sourced via NOAA (see below)
Winds via NOAA: WindSAT, ASCAT METOP-A, ASCAT METOP-B - with links to storm data in product list
UHR winds via NOAA for current and invest systems
Winds via EUMETSAT / OSI SAF - multi-platform / ASCAT-A / ASCAT-B / ScatSat

NOAA NESDIS STAR 24hr satellite rainfall estimates - or jump straight to Aus/NZ area
NRL 24hr blended rainfall accumulation - for southwest Pacific and NZ
NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions - see also global viewer



Weather Geek Tropical Cyclone Genesis Watch - all-in-one page for TC Outlooks
Cyclocane - CYCLOne and hurriCANE tracker (similar to above)

TC Formation Probability Guidance Product - NOAA RAMMB at CIRA
Global TC Probability in the next two weeks - EXPERIMENTAL product - Paul Roundy, Uni of Albany
Global Tropics Hazards and Benefits - NOAA CPC at NWS
Meteo France NC cyclone probability maps - eg TC Genesis and TC Occurence

JMA SWFDP for RA V: South Pacific - GSM and EPS products

Maximum Potential Hurricane Intensity - maps of potential min pressure and max winds - COLA
Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential - NOAA / AOML
» or direct to Australian/Southwest Pacific maps
TC Heat Potential and anomaly maps via WeatherBELL (maps on left of page)

Tropical Tidbits forecast models - incl GFS, CMC, NAVGEM, HWRF...
Tropical cyclone genesis potential fields - various models

MJO BoM monitoring page - incl phase diagram, OLR maps and time-longitude plots
MJO/Kelvin/ER plots and animations - Real Time CFS Tropical Mode Projections from Kyle MacRitchie
MJO and Tropical Waves monitoring - from CICS-NC (look under the paneled global maps, eg MJO 5-day and ER 3-day)
MJO current/forecast conditions via NOAA NCEP CPC (with link to Dynamic Model MJO Forecasts)

OLR - Outgoing Longwave Radiation - many plots (incl totals and anomalies) via NOAA ESRL PSD

JAXA Himawari Monitor - interactive map - select SST from product menu
NASA/JPL - make SST charts for custom areas
NOAA OISST - daily map and anomaly
SST - Sea Surface Temperature - many plots (incl totals and anomalies) via NOAA ESRL PSD

Southern Hemisphere Blocking - NOAA


Pacific Island Nations

Papua New Guinea
New Caledonia - in french from Météo-France
Western Samoa
American Samoa
Cook Islands
French Polynesia - in french from Météo-France



Worldwide official TC names at WMO - lists also at Wikipedia and NWS NHC

Real-time Global TC Activity - basin lists with stats

Wikipedia Tropical Cyclone Page - loads of info! with cumulative track maps
» also with list of SH Tropical Cyclone Season pages

IBTrACS - International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship
» with annual track maps and link to IBTrACS browser at UNC Asheville
» related: Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Data
SPEArTC - Southweast Pacific Enhanced Archive for Tropical Cyclones
NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks
BoM Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Portal
JTWC Southern Hemisphere Best Track Data

WWLLN TC page - visualisations of lightning and microwave satellite data for TC's

Australia TC Intensity - from BoM, also with Beaufort Scale table and comparison with US category
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale - from US National Weather Service
Tropical Cyclone Scales - info and comparisons via Wikipedia
Dvorak Current Intensity chart from NOAA

WMO Tropical Cyclone Programme - incl reports and other publications
» Tropical Cyclone Forecaster Website
» Global Guide to Tropical Cyclone Forecasting