Glossaries and Codes

WMO International Cloud Atlas

AMS - American Meteorological Society - a massive (often technical) glossary with 12,000+ terms
US National Weather Service - NOAA
US NSIDC - National Snow and Ice Data Center

SYNOP code - interpretation guide, including present weather codes and cloud type codes
Surface Weather Plot Symbols - NOAA
Present Weather Symbols

The Beaufort Wind Scale - reference table including photos, via NOAA/NWS

Decoding Radiosonde Code - with examples.

Articles and Publications

MetService Blog

Te Ara: Encyclopedia of NZ - Climate and Atmosphere

Wikipedia - Atmospheric Scieces Portal
» with Meteorology and Climatology categories

AMS Journals Online - American Meteorological Society

Nature - International weekly journal of science

[see also the Seasonal & Climate page for more climate change/global warming links]

Time - simple site with a BIG clock! also world clocks, sun rise/set times and computer time offset
Worldtime Buddy - customisable list of locations
The Time Now
World Time Server
Time and

Tip: use Google Search: eg "time in utc" or "time in Sydney", or for sunrise/sunset try something like "sunrise in Wellington"


Google Maps - fully interactive map for New Zealand, including terrain
Bing Maps - Microsoft's interactive map service
OpenStreetMap - The Free Wiki World Map

NZ Mountain Passes and Roads map containing markers and summit heights via Weather Geek

NZ Council Boundary maps - with images for: North Island and South Island

LINZ Topographic Maps - including 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale maps of New Zealand
LINZ Marine Charts
New Zealand Topographic Map ( - with a nice search and coord tool

Maptizer - marine charts for NZ

Koordinates - a wealth of GIS map data for overlay on a Google Map with free downloads

Lonely Planet
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - from the University of Texas

Cycle Route - great site for plotting routes and elevation profiles
Measure distance between two points via Free Map Tools, see also their how far is it between tool
Azimuthal Equidistant Proj. Map Server - make great circle maps
Draw radius circles on a map, similar service via Free Map Tools and Map Developers
Map Tunneller - Antipodes Map, also similar via Free Map Tools
The True Size of - compare country sizes

Convert Lat/Long in Deg/Min/Sec to/from Decimal