New Zealand Weather Station Map

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Note: Marker locations are not exact! (but hopefully close...)

Marker Key

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Using the Map

Use the map control arrow buttons (near the top left), or click and drag with the mouse. Alternatively, click the map to make it "active" then use your keyboard arrow keys.

Use the map control slide bar or +/- buttons to zoom in/out. Alternatively, click the map to make it "active" then use your mouse scroll wheel or keyboard +/- keys.

The buttons near the top right of the map let you change the underlay layer between map and satellite. Under map you have the option to toggle terrain on/off and under satellite you can toggle labels. Note however, displaying satellite imagery may slow down subsequent panning and zooming.

If you want to find the lat/long of a specific point on the map, left click the map to have the co-ordinates displayed below the map (in decimals).

Preset Zooms
The "Zoom to view..." dropdown menu above the map on the left lets you recentre the map on a number of cities around the country, or the North or South Islands or all NZ. Simply select an entry from the dropdown, then click the "Go" button.

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The text link above the map on the right is a dynamically changing link as you pan/zoom the map. This allows you to bookmark or share this page with the map set at a custom view.


If you own/operate a weather station and would like to be included or wish to provide an accurate position, zoom in as far as you can and left click your location to have an accurate lat/long displayed below the map. Send me your updated details via my contact form and I'll correct the marker location. Furthermore, if you'd like me to link to a different page and/or want some brief text in the pop-up, let me know!

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