Natural Hazards

Event Monitoring

Global Natural Hazards - NASA Earth Observatory
» with a selected Image of the Day
NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory - with topical imagery and animations



GeoNet Quakes homepage with info on recent quakes, also links to quakes map and drum recordings, along with the latest quake info
QuakeMap NZ - nice visualisation of recent quakes on a Google Map, also with list of quakes and magnitudes
Canterbury Quake Live - plots and maps of quakes near Christchurch

USGS National Earthquake Info. Center - Global info.
» realtime quake map with interactive controls for time/magnitude
» also with quake size comparison calculator (see also the explanation/example page)
IRIS Seismic Monitor - data+graphs of the latest quakes (global) - USGS data



GeoNet Tsunami homepage - including de-tided plots from gauges around NZ
Long Waves - alternative plots of GeoNet data

NOAA NWS - links to;
» Pacific Tsunami Warning Center - bulletins/warnings issued on earthquakes of mag 6.5 or more
» National Tsunami Warning Center



Note: For VAAC links and ash cloud modelling see the Aviation page.

GeoNet NZ Volcano Activity - with Alert Level Summary and Aviation Colour Code

Volcano World - current volcanic activity reports and information
Active Volcano Map - via Google Maps
Weekly volcano report - from Smithsonian Inst. & USGS (with map - req. Java)